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11 Responses to “Leave a comment.”

  1. RT said

    Now where have I heard of “Sub Space Transmission” before? hmmm……LOL
    Sounds like a last gasp scream for help from a long dead civilization……whoa-

    12 Million Light Years…at this signals speed, it would have been sent/created about 3 million years ago?

  2. Kenn said

    Now where have I heard of “Sub Space Transmission” before? hmmm……LOLSounds like a last gasp scream for help from a long dead civilization……whoa-

  3. Now where have I heard of “Sub Space Transmission” before? hmmm……LOLSounds like a last gasp scream for help from a long dead civilization……whoa-+1

  4. Anonymous said

    The strongest earthquake ever reported in the Washington DC area occured at 5am this morning in Germaintown, MD. I live very close to the epicenter – it woke me up – the bed and house shook! It is ironic that this occured right after the huge Gulf oil spill was capped – all that pressure capped off. Could there be any correlation?

  5. Hi, this is interesting reading, few weeks back I published something like this on my blog, but your article is much better.

  6. Anonymous said

    I sure wonder where you get your information from when the person “Judy” or “Judith Helena Fältskog” who you are refering to is in fact a fictional character made up to assist us in our suggestive psychology experiment.

    Makes me wonder how all the fake documents regarding a non existent person was created and by who.
    Who forged documents and made fake passport copies etc and how much did it cost do that?

    Ever wondered why “Judith Helena Fältskog” never responded to the slander, lies and disinformation or tried to protect herself publically? The reason is simple, why should a fictitious character need to defend itself against anything at all if it does not even exist?

    Ever wondered why you could find no background information about “Judith Helena Fältskog” and that a self styled Michael Hesemann was your only source of faked documentation and why he only presents foto copies and not original documents eg. original passports or original court documents?
    Why can he not present original documents from hospitals, doctors and surgeons to prove that the fictional character had a sex change procedure?
    Why can he not present original letters or documentation from Embassies, consulates or goverments regarding this fictional character?
    Why can he not present original social security numbers, identity numbers or birth certificates of this fictional character?

    The answer is because the all ellusive character called “Judith Helena van Fältskog” is made up, imaginary, fictitious and non-existent and the dear Michael Hesemann would commit a crime by forging a passport, birth certificate or court documents and presenting it as original.

    I am confident to say that you all fell for the bait and the purpose of the original decoy served its purpose. In the same breath I need to add that sadly a non existent character was created and put into this world which you all are trying your best to blame, curse, slander, mock and club over the head.

    Mr Hesemann received his funds and our gratitude for his part played in this wonderfull story.

    Just goes to show you are all too serious and that truth is indeed stranger than fiction!

    We are impressed by our results which will play a big role in our future Advanced Defence Implementation Programs.

    Thank you all for your participation.

    • Anonymous said

      Well well well Let’s put a few FACTS on the table:-

      Judy Faltskog does exist … she is not a fictional character made up to assist in any kind of ‘Suggestive
      Psychology Experiment’

      You are the ONLY one who has ever called her Judith Helena Van Faltskog in your ‘cut and pastes’ which
      you have posted all over the internet. Her actual metamorphosis is as follows:-

      # James Van Greunen

      # Judith Helena de Cadenet Van Greunen ( that would be around 1993 at the age of around 28yrs)

      # “Dr” lol lol Judy Faltskog

      Never Judith/Judy Van Faltskog …Freudian slip?? lol lol

      Yes truth is stranger than fiction. Check out the smoking gun :- …scroll down to

      Re. Watergate Hall and skateboarding in Chase Park and you will see that one Judy Faltskog is attempting

      to contact the ex. wife of James (who of course is Judy Faltskog prior to sex change) you may note the

      children’s names (shouldn’t come as a surprise) There is also a live German phone number!!……

      NICE TRY JUDY …lol lol lol… You can run but you can’t hide 🙂 lol lol lol lol

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  8. Mark said


    Sorry but I dont take anything you or any others say on face value without real verifiable proof as the internet is filled with rubbish and disinformation.

    You seem to say that you know everything and to have all the facts about this person. Could you therefore tell me who the parents of Judy Faltskog are eg. names, addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers, birth certificate numbers and country of birth and residence?

    What is the social security number and birth certificate number of Judy Faltskog and of which country? Medical records that can be verified? Who is her doctor? Is she married and to whom? Have you got marriage certificate numbers? Which country? Any children? What are their social security numbers and dates of birth?
    Does she have brothers or sisters and who are they and where do they live?

    If you can provide me with this information that I and all interested parties can independantly verify, then and only then will I believe this story.

    • anonymous said

      Two links one has photo copies re. some of the info you have asked for!

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