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S.Korea Fires Warning Shots at Stray N.Korean Patrol Boat

Posted by 3citynewswire on 05/17/2010

A South Korea Navy speedboat drove back two North Korean patrol boats that crossed the de-facto sea border on Sunday. It was the first North Korean incursion since the South Korean Navy corvette Cheonan sank in an unexplained explosion in the West Sea on March 26.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff on Sunday said a North Korean patrol boat crossed the Northern Limit Line 2.6 km into South Korean waters near Yeonpyeong Island in the West Sea around 10:13 p.m. Saturday. It was traveling south into waters 15.9 km northwest of the island when the Navy boat sent a warning. The North Korean boat returned to the North within 30 minutes.

A second North Korean patrol boat crossed the NLL about 2.4 km into the same waters around 11:30 p.m., 47 minutes after the first returned, and kept traveling south despite a radio warning. The Navy boat fired warning shots twice and the North Korean boat returned to North Korean waters nine minutes later, the JCS said. The Navy fired six to eight shells from a 40 mm gun at the North Korean boat.

Unprecedentedly, the North Koreans countered the South Korean radio warning by sending their own, according to a source, reportedly saying, “We warn you to leave immediately as you have come into our waters.”

The North’s patrol boats apparently intentionally crossed the NLL in an attempt to check out the South Korean military preparedness with the approach of the South Korean government’s announcement around Thursday of the findings in the Cheonan sinking, the South Korean military speculates. They cite the unusual facts that they crossed at night and sent their own warning.

But a military source said, “We’re looking at other possibilities as well. The North Korean boast may have crossed the NLL while trying to stop about 300 Chinese trawlers fishing nearby.”


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