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US nuclear submarine collided with another ship, navigator listening to his iPod

Posted by 3citynewswire on 04/10/2010

The damaged nuclear submarine USS Hartford after the collision

The navigator of a US nuclear submarine was listening to his iPod when it collided with another ship, causing £60m damage.

Crew on board the attack sub USS Hartford had also rigged up loudspeakers to they could listen to music on duty, according to an official report.

Captain Commander Ryan Brookhart was relieved of his duties after the investigation revealed nearly ’30 tactical and watchstander errors’ which led to the ‘avoidable accident’.

The navigator was also revealed to have been revising for an exam at the time of the collision, The Sun reported.

Fifteen sailors on board the USS Hartford were injured when it rammed into the transport ship USS New Orleans in the Strait of Hormuz, a narrow passage in the Persian Gulf in March 2009.

The US Navy report slammed the Hartford’s ‘ineffective and negligent command leadership’ and its ‘informal atmosphere’.

The damaged sub will cost £57m in repairs, while the USS New Orleans, which ‘bears no fault’ needs £1.5m.

A sonar supervisor and radio men were also missing from their posts on board the Hartford when it struck the ship.

The USS New Orleans ‘bears no fault’, the report found


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