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Ice circles resembling crop circles found on frozen lake.

Posted by 3citynewswire on 03/22/2010

Recently, one evening in Arna, Norway, 77 year old JohanJohan Hansen, observed a light hovering over a nearby lake.

Watching through binoculars, he estimated the light to be about 6 feet wide.

But fearing the danger of falling through the frozen ice, Hansen did not venture out until the next day to look for clues of what he had seen.

What he found was a mystery by even the most die-hard skeptic of unexplained phenomenon. The markings resembled a strange symmetric pattern.

For decades, crop circles have been found in fields, where people have used simple tools to make the designs.

The invention of crop circles came in 1978, from two pranksters, who thought it would be fun to make fake patterns in fields of grass and barely–to fuel the UFO craze.

JohanJohan Hansen

Doug Bower and Dave Chorley used some planks, rope, and wires to create their first patterns. But they advanced to more complex designs, when their creations weren’t getting the publicity they were seeking.

Their work created a lot of controversy.

Were they man-made or something more other worldly? Could they have been made by wind tunnels or some other natural occurrence?

For years, crop circle artists and other practitioners fooled the world with their ornate crop circles, until Bower confessed to the pranks , after his wife became suspicious he was having an affair, because he would venture out in the middle of the night for hours.

These days, anyone who wants to make a crop circle can simply go on the Internet and find plenty of instructions on how to do so.

But ice circles?

Either someone has come up with a new spin on an old tale, or something odd and unexplained has happened in Norway.

Link to Norwegian announcement.


3 Responses to “Ice circles resembling crop circles found on frozen lake.”

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  2. Camie said

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    Happy April Fool’s Day!

  3. Maz said


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