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UFOs Over Lake Erie, Is something eerie over Lake Erie?

Posted by 3citynewswire on 03/09/2010

EUCLID, Ohio — Is something eerie over Lake Erie? A local man said he spotted a UFO and he believes its proof were not alone. Absolutely nothing we have on this earth even looks like that, said Eugene Erlikh.

Eugene said the unexplained lights appeared outside his house in Euclid over five nights. It was such a brilliant beam of different lights, it was going red, yellow, green, blue. It was never the same color it was always, like it was pulsating.

The unidentified flying objects remain unidentified. No one knows what they were, including the 20-year old student who admits its hard to believe. Carla Jackson is a non-believer. I mean, were not too far from Canada, it couldve been a light show over there or something, somebody playing.

Once you see it with your own eyes, said Erlikh. Youre gonna say Wow, whats going on here and why do they keep coming back in the same spot?

Its not the first time someone said they saw something over the skies of Cleveland. In 2007, a group of people downtown said they saw what they thought was a UFO over Key Tower. And according to the National UFO Reporting Center, many additional sightings in Cleveland have been made in the past.

Camera trick, said Carla Jackson. I have to be there to actually see it.

But Erlikh wonders, Why are they there? Why do they keep coming back, the same time, the same area? There is absolutely no reason.

The U.S. and Canadian Coast Guard and several local police departments did not receive any additional reports of sightings.


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