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Devil attacks livestock farmers claim: “El Chupacabra” others say

Posted by 3citynewswire on 03/08/2010

Macashca Peru- Unusual what is happening to animals in the upper part of the Commonwealth of Macashca where villagers came forward because of the animals found dead in a very strange way.
It’s incredible I have twenty dead hens in the yard, and headless sheep beside them, They have been completely drained of blood and are just skin and bones. This has scared us, “so we got a shotgun to kill this devil that is killing our animals” we find this very frightening said Fernandez, a life time resident of the area.
Dead animals, presumably from the chupacabras attacks do not have blood in their bodies, unlike other predators that destroy most of the body.
The villagers often do not report strange noises, villagers dogs react very strange, and often very frightened come dusk time.

The other night on his usual rounds the animal was in perfect condition, said the villager, but in the morning, around 7:00 am, I came to bring food to the animal and noticed with astonishment a mutilated animal.
The animal 6 months of age, was enclosed in a small yard without any trace of violence, struggle or any blood stains, half of the jaw (the left side completely absent) from the upper teeth to the eye, the left side of his face disfigured, and without the ear.
Meanwhile Bernardo Cano, has said that the sudden onslaught of dead cows, sheep, horses, etc.. can not be ruled out by extraterrestrial or paranormal presence.
The residents are demanding that the Monsignor Jose Tarazona Velasquez come to the area to give them his blessing because it seems that something is going to happen and only with God’s presence can it alienate the devil or chupacabra that has been killing animals and might even reach the homes to attack children or residents in the countryside or the city.

The appearance of a strange creature on the heights of Huaraz which has been dubbed “the devil Macashca” Investigators went to the place to continue investigating and interviewing more farmers on the heights of the Macashca hamlet located south of this city who have become very scared and shocked to have seen a creature walking near their farms and their homes. Reports of a strange creature approximately one meter/3 feet tall, which has horns, a long tail with red legs similar to a goat and in recent days have begun killing their animals .

Investigators will continue to visit the villages located in the heights of Huaraz as is the case with Macashca located a few miles south of the province of Huaraz, to continue collecting new testimonies from farmers who claim to have seen the strange creature walking near their homes, which has been dubbed the “devil Macashca” villagers also found their chickens, guinea pigs and rabbits scattered around their farms with no heads.

Whatever it is killing the livestock, the villagers are very frightened and worried.


7 Responses to “Devil attacks livestock farmers claim: “El Chupacabra” others say”

  1. nice blog…keep up the good work!

  2. lolfluffywut said

    The chupacabra is actully some ind of dog creature its not a monster its just an animal wolves eat sheep ,goats,horses,hens… but they dont attack like a chupacabra there hairless dogs… well theres diffrent types of chupacabra then.

  3. Mini said

    Wow i’m in Texas and recent sightings of this mysterious animal have raised concern…

  4. Anonymous said

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  5. Anonymous said

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  6. boonigga said

    boo nigga diz beez wack i aint got no time fo yo stupid ahhh yall thank some luil boo nigaa chupacabra t
    looking chebacca lookin ahhh ahhh ahh wtf ashhh

  7. boonigga said

    srrrry nigga boo niqqa srrrry im so high rite ah nigga a ufo in mah damn house nigga i need mo food stamps word

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